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School Disinfection Guidance in the Face of COVID-19 and Other Pathogens of Concern

A talk by Charles P. Gerba PhD
Professor, University of Arizona

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About this talk

Reducing the incidence of infectious diseases in school settings can be daunting, especially where virulent pathogens are concerned. This presentation will help to identify where to disinfect, how to disinfect, when to disinfect, and what to use, based on evidence-based studies. Dr. Charles Gerba, internationally-recognized microbiologist, has studied the spread of pathogens in school settings, offices, hotels, and other types of facilities. He identifies concerns, addresses misunderstandings about disinfection, suggests how to choose and use appropriate disinfection products, and provides guidance on helping others understand the approaches that work best. Dr. Gerba has presented to national and international infection control, nursing, facilities management, and healthcare organizations. His research has led to modifications in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures.

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